Region Committee

If you would like to join the Regional Committee please contact the Chairman or Secretary.  Elections take place early in 2018 and nominations should be submitted promptly.

Officers elected for Regional Council are announced at the Regional Annual General Meeting

Officers are appointed  positions on the Committee at the first meeting,  after the Annual General Meeting

  • Contact Region Secretary  if you would like to hold a position on the Regional Council

Elected and Appointed Officers for 2017-2018 

Mr Larry Brown
Vice Presidents
Mr Richard Fell
Mr Trevor Cooke
Vice Chairman
Mr Gordon Barlow
Imm Past Chairman

Mrs E Stringfellow
Mrs Ann Smith
R.Y.L.O and Assistant
Mr Mark Stafford &
Mrs Hazel Stafford
Mr David Sewell
Fixture list Officer
Mr Simon James
Sites Officer
Mrs Chris Higgins
Regalia  & Equipment Officer
Mr Mark Breedon
Countryside Care Officer
Mr Harry Wilkinson
Assistant Countryside CareMr Roger Stringfellow
Social Secretary
Mrs Val Thompson  
National Council Representative
Mr Norman Hemsley
Deputy Rep
Mr Trevor Cooke
Web Master
Mrs Cheryl Taylor 

Representative Councillors:

Birmingham DA
Mrs J Homer
Coventry DA
Mr G Meiner
Leicestershire DA
Mrs L Whitworth
North Warwickshire DA
Mrs J Wardle
Northamptonshire DA
Mr F Watts
Nottinghamshire DA
Mrs H Snell
South Lincolnshire DA
Mr M Smith
Trent Valley DA
Mr D Purbrick
West Midlands DA
Mr R South
British Caravanners Club
Mr P Lofthouse
EM Motor Caravan Section
Mrs L Cooper
Boating Group
Mr B Thrupp
Photography Group
Mrs P Perkins (Secretary)
Assoc Lightweight Campers
Mrs J Anthony

Executive Committee:

Mr T Cooke Mr G Barlow
Mr P Henson Mrs A Smith

Website Managers

Cheryl Taylor


Mrs M Watts Mrs B Sturgis