Meet the Committee 2017 – 2018

President – Larry Brown


Vice President  – Richard Fell700_3417

I joined the Camping and Caravanning Club in 1968 as a member of Coventry DA.  I became the DA Chairman and Regional Representative in 1970.

I was elected to the Regional Council in 1977 and became the Regional Secretary in 1979, a position I held for 5 years. I have also held the positions of Regional Representative to the National Council and Regional Chairman.I was very honoured to be elected to be the President of the Regional Council in 2012 and continue to be Vice President today.

Joining the Camping and Caravanning Club opened up so many opportunities for my family to enjoy the great outdoors and 48 years later we are still enjoying our camping life.

Chairman of the Region

My journey to the Chair

Along with Ann my wife and our two children I joined the Camping and Caravanning Club in 1975, it was then known as the Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland. I started camping with Leicestershire District Association in 1977, by 1978 my life as a Committee 140615_CCR_Forties_EVENT_0427Member started by taking the post of Youth Leader. Other positions held were Regalia Officer, Sites Officer twice and Chairman twice. I took on the role of Rep to the Region, now known as Appointed Councillor whilst serving my first term as DA Chairman, later to be elected to the Regional Council.

I was Central Counties Secretary for five years and also held the post of Regional Countryside Care Officer. This year I completed a term of three years as Regional Vice Chairman and was appointed Chairman at this years (2015) Annual General Meeting.

I am honoured to hold the post of Chairman and have enjoyed the journey so far.

Trevor Cooke                                         Central Counties Region Chairman.

Vice Chairman  

Like many other members of the Council I started out by joining my DA committee, in my case Notts DA. My first Committee position was Youth Leader and then as PRO where I became the DA Rep to the Region ( now called an appointed councillor).Gordon Barlow Vice Chairman

Whilst I was a Youth Leader I joined the Region Youth Test panel which I have now been involved with for 24 years.

It was a natural progression to stand for election to the Region Council and I was lucky enough to be elected at the first attempt. During my second year on the council the position of Sites Officer became vacant so I put my name forward and I enjoyed four great years in that role.

At the 2015 AGM I was privileged to be nominated and elected into the  position of Vice Chairman, a role that I am really enjoying.

Gordon Barlow      Central Counties Vice Chairman

Regional Secretary

My journey to the Regional Council started with a vacancy on Notts DA Committee for a Catering Officer, which my daughter said I was more than capable of doing. This eventually led me to become Vice-Chair and then Chair, which I filled for some years.

After standing down I was approached by the Regional Secretary to take on a Councillors role, which I did for a few yeLiz Stringfellowars, before taking on the position of Regalia Officer, then being asked to take the role of Secretary, where I am today.

I feel like there is a pattern emerging here, being the person who is asked to do something, takes it on board and gets on with the job.

Liz Stringfellow



Ann Smith


Dave SewellI started attending Regional meetings when my wife Pam was the DA rep for Coventry. I used to take her to all of the regional committee meetings and sit by her side listening and taking it all in.  One meeting I was approached to see if I would like to co-opt onto theRegional committee of which I dually accepted and have never once regretted it. This was back in 2006 I was appointed PRO for the region and have been fortunate to have held this position since then.

Dave Sewell

Regional Youth Officers


Mark and Hazel Stafford

Web master

I was the representative for Leicestershire DA for a number of years. I then decided to stand for election and happily was given a Committee position.Cheryl Taylor (nee Sheldon)

I have been on the Regional Committee for 9 years now and am very happy to stand again after this years elections.
I am enjoying my new role as Web master and look forward to hearing from you with any camping and caravanning club news
and photographs.

Cheryl Taylor

Fixture List Officer


Simon James

Countryside Care Officer 

Harry Wilkinson

Harry Wilkinson

Assistant Countryside Care Officer

Roger Stringfellow


Regalia Officer & Equipment Officer

Mark Breedon



Chris Higgins Social Secretary

Christine Higgins

 Social Secretary

Val assistant Social Secretary

Val Thompson



National Council Representative

Norman Hemsley

Assistant Council Representative

Trevor Cooke


Alan Bryans

David Wilkes

 Gary Sims

Having married into a family that had been hooked on caravanning for many years my wife Tracey & I became Club members in 1981. Having quickly gained a distinct liking for DA camping we attended many meets (including our first FICC meet in France in 1983), making many new friends along the way. Having realised that the more we got involved the more we enjoyed it we have also, over the years, helped out by stewarding many weekend meets as well as working in the working parties at many Goose Fair, Regional, NFOL and even international meets.

This involvement has led to me serving two separate terms on my local DA Committee. In my first term I was elected to the very enjoyable position of DA Sports Officer. During a part of this term I also first experienced working on the Regional Council as the elected DA Representative. More recently I have again served a second term on my DA Committee, this time as an elected Committee member. In between these two terms I was also a member of the Organising Committee for the last two NFOL’s ran by Central Counties Region whilst also working very hard over several years to raise funds for my DA through gaining significant financial meet sponsorship from within the leisure industry.

Having decided to step down from my most recent DA Committee role the desire to continue to contribute to the Club in some way remained strong, leading me to put myself forward for election to the Regional Council at the last election. Although unsuccessful at that time in gaining an elected Regional Councillor’s position I was subsequently asked as to whether I would be willing to serve as a Co-opted Regional Councillor (an offer I immediately accepted). Moving forward my ambition now is to both become an elected Regional Councillor whilst also finding out how I can further support the future success of the Region (for the benefit of all of its members) through hard work, my professional expertise and our 35 years of experience in being very happy campers within the Central Counties Region of the Caravan & Camping Club

D.A. Representatives

700_3374John Hammonds – Trent Valley

700_3369Fred Watts –  Northants


Mr M. Gregory – South Lincs


Mrs J. Homer – Birmingham


Mr L. Price – Leicestershire


Mrs H. Snell – Nottingham









Mr Richard South – West Mids










Mr A. Holdey – North Warwicks









700_3354Linda Cooper – M.C.S. EM.

700_3348      Peter Lofthouse- B C C