Countryside Care

Central Counties Region have been involved with countryside care since 1979,when they took up the challenge to put put something back into the countryside we use for our pastime.

The prime mover in this challenge was the then Regional Chairman Mr John Lloyd who persuaded his friend and Regional colleague Mick Wicks to become the first Regional Countryside Care Officer.

Then as they say the rest is History, and what a great history the Region has at Rutland water. The first project was held there in 1979 and work is still continued in 2016

Central Counties are among the leaders in Countryside care in the Club, with active groups in many DAs within the Region. The work is carried out at a number of locations, varying from Open Heathland to Forest Woodland and Waterside Meadows. For those taking part comes the satisfaction of a job well done and the knowledge that all their efforts aid the Flora and Fauna of the countryside.

This Region is very proud and pleased that our Regional Councillor Norman Hemsley has been appointed National Countryside Care Officer for the Camping and Caravanning Club. We know that the time and effort Norman puts into this appointment that he will be a great success.

Projects for 2016

Central Counties, (Rutland Water)

Contact Alan Keen (07967 9790810)


South Lincs. DA

Contact David Wilkinson (01526 352847)

Notts. DA.

Contact Norman Hemsley – (0115 917 6138 – 07860 258218)