Countryside Care Projects 2016

Rutland Water, Leicestershire DA

LE15 8RN      M/R 141/894055

January 22nd – 24th   &  February 26th – 28th

Camping available, please contact Alan Keene for more details 07967979081

The project at Rutland Water has been on going for more than 30 years and there is still plenty of valuable work to do.

This year we will be dealing with an overgrown wildlife area which is being thinned, to allow some light in to enable ground plants to grow. The brash that is removed is used to create dead hedges, to help to enclose the area.

Little Stryne, Borrowash      Nottingham DA

A new venue this year

DE72 3LJ    MR129/415341

March 18th – 20th 

Work completed.SAM_0681

SAM_0675 SAM_0673 SAM_0664