Regional Dinner Dance Feb 11th 2017

 The Regional Dinner Dance 2017 was held at Drayton Manor Banquet Suite.

Again this year we had a good attendance with a lovely meal and followed with a disco playing a good assortment of music including some old time, line dancing, sequence dancing and modern disco.  The evening was rounded off with a traditional rendition of You Will Never Walk Alone.

The hardy few camped on the car park on hard standing with others choosing to treat themselves to a night in the hotel.

A presentation was made to Harry and June Wilkinson for their long service to the Club and their help with both Nottingham DA, Countryside Care and The Youth area.

Harry and June receiving their Certificate of Honour from

The Camping and Caravanning Club’s past Chairman, Anne Dearling.


 The citation for Harry and June’s presentationIMG_20170226_0002

 Some photos taken at the Regional Dinner 2017

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All Members of Camping and Caravanning Club are welcome to join us.

The date for 2017 is 11th February.