Want to Steward a THS?

Mrs Chris Higgins, the Regional Sites Officer (RSO) would like to encourage members to Steward Temporary Holiday Sites (THS) for Central Counties Region.
In order for him to do this he would like to compile a list, with names of people available for stewarding.
At this present time Chris is working hard looking for and compiling a list of THS’s for next year. These will appear in the Club magazine, the Regional Site Book and here on this website.
If you would like to go on the stewarding list please email Chris through this website enquiry form stating:

  • Your Name
  • Telephone Number
  • E-mail address
  • Dates (months) available for stewarding
  • Any Preferred Area you may have

He will then contact you to discuss any information you may require or address any concerns you may have.

Stewarding a Temporary Holiday Site is not as difficult as some may think.  In fact, it can be quite rewarding and is an excellent way of getting to know more of the clubs campers .

It also gives you a chance to visit different parts of the Country

In fact if you have some time to spare, retired or just want a couple of weeks away then stewarding a THS is an ideal way of camping without the costs involved.

What does the steward do? 

1.   Make yourself known to the landowner/farmer.

Ask if there is anything you should be made aware of have a look around the site and confirm the location of water, elsan points, toilets & showers if available

2.   Put out the signs.

Ideally, this should be done well before the site opens – some stewards even do this the day/evening before.

Signs will be given to you by the Regional Site Officer or his assistant.

Placing the signs is largely common sense – use the site directions as a guide and place signs at significant junctions.

The “Dogs on lead” and “Speed Limit (5mph)” should be placed near the entrance.

The “Steward” sign will go outside your unit.

The “Water” and “Elsan” signs should be placed near the water and elsan points.

Please erect the Regional Pennon

3.   Stewards Sheet

You will receive the Stewards sheet by hand or post prior to the meet.
Fill in the details required for each unit (its obvious what goes where when you see the sheet).  It is easier if you can fill the sheet out as campers arrive but if not you can do this during the meet.

Its usual to collect the fees as you fill in the sheet but there are always one or two you may need to collect from later .

The RSO will inform you of the fee per unit (per unit night) and any other costs, to be collected, together with the fee  per unit (per unit night) to be paid to the landowner/farmer. Simply pay the total to the landowner/farmer when you are sure you have collected all the fees in or just prior to leaving.
Please obtain a receipt from the landowner/farmer.

4.  Make the Member feel Welcome

The most important thing to remember is that, for many people new to THS, the steward is the first representative they will meet.  Do your utmost to make them feel welcome and offer your help and assistance freely.

If you think you can steward a THS for Central Counties Region or would like more information please eMail me  using  “Contact Us” form within this website.

Go on enjoy yourself give it a try

Rules & Regulations For The Guidance Of Camp Stewards

Specific attention is drawn to the following:

  • Stewards unable to attend the meet should immediately notify the Regional Sites Officer or Regional Secretary and, if possible, nominate a substitute.
  • The named Steward is responsible for all matters appertaining to the meet and his/her decision is final subject to the right to appeal to the Regional committee.
  • The Steward is responsible for recording details of all members attending the meet and of all monies received and paid (form provided).
  • With the assistance of all other members at the meet, the steward will ensure that the Codes Of The Club are upheld and the site is left at least as clean and tidy as before.
  • Direction Signs should be placed as early as possible prior to the meet.
  • If permanent sewage disposal is NOT available the Steward will, with the agreement of the landowner, and avoiding contamination of water courses, arrange for a pit of adequate size to be dug for the disposal of the contents of chemical toilets as well as the subsequent infilling and the replacement of turf (very unusual to book THS without elsan disposal).
  • No toilet (or part thereof) is to be filled or cleaned at the drinking water tap.
  • Meets are restricted to club members, whose membership cards must be produced if properly requested.
  • Non members can be enrolled as members (THS ONLY)
  • Open fires are not allowed.
  • The Stewards permission should be obtained for the use of barbecues.
  • All vehicles are restricted to 5 mph.
  • Vehicles should be parked at right angles to a slope.
  • No learner drivers.
  • Cyclists are to ride at no more than 5 mph or to push the cycle if near to units.
  • There should be a minimum distance of 20 feet between facing walls of adjacent units, including awnings.
  • Members should be encouraged to place a fire bucket containing water outside each unit.
  • All animals are to be under control at all times with a maximum lead, when tethered, of 6 feet.
  • Animals are to be exercised away from units.
  • Animal owners are responsible for collection and hygienic disposal of pet residues.
  • Children are the responsibility of their parents or another nominated adult all times.
  • Kites, guns, bows and arrows, catapults or similar and any games likely to cause injury, damage, or annoyance to others, are not permitted.
  • Ball games or Frisbee throwing etc. must be well away from units and only with permission from the steward.
  • Noise to be kept to a minimum, and no noise at all between 11 pm -7am.
  • Stewards will ensure that generators, when used, do not cause offence to other members, (PLEASE THINK OF OTHER CAMPERS WHEN USING A GENERATOR)
  • The club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to persons or property.
  • The stewards decision is final

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