Youth Rally Reports

February 2014 Latest News

Hi All.

 What a great winter meet TVDA hosted , up next was the Regional youth leaders & testers
weekend we have now had to cancel this meet due to the lack of numbers coming this does
not look good at all for us all so we will have to have a meeting later in the year at our Summer
We had three youth represent the Regional youth at this year Regional dinner dance to present
our sponsor Westfalia with a photo of us all & a youth pennon , they all did us proud , they all
had a nice chat with Jim about the youth & what we are all trying to do for the youth in our Region.
We have now booked the venue for the 2016 National youth meet at Worksop rugby club so we
need your help to put on the best National the youth have had & will be talking about for years
to come , so lets all be part of this , please let me know what you would like to help do.
So hope to see you all at the leaders & testers weekend at Hose & show the other Regions how
great our leaders are , so see you all there.
Remember to promote the facebook page too & use your websites too for information for the
youth on whats coming next up



January 2012 New RYLO

Congratulations go to Mark and Hazel Stafford who have taken on the role of Central Counties Youth Liason officer for the forthcoming year
I know that all the Regions council wish them both well in their ventuers

We also want to thank David and Marleen Wilkes for their hard work and success in building the regions youth numbers and activities and wish them both all the best after standing down from the post of RYLO this year

September 2010 Youth Tests

In September North Warwickshire DA had trained ten youth for their National Youth Test and with a lot of hard work they were all successful.
Thanks must go to the Youth Leaders and Assistants for giving up their weekends to train the youth.

Central Counties Region Winter Meet  8th – 10th January 2010.

The Rally was cancelled on health and safety concerns due to the weather.

FICC International Youth Rally Italy 31st March – 5th April 2010

We will be flying to Italy we have now had the individual booking forms these have been emailed to all Youth Leaders in Central Counties Region but I have asked is there going to be a country or group booking form I am still waiting for an answer as information comes through it will be passed on.

We will be in pre-erected tents. We will be flying out from East Midlands Airport.

All Youth that are travelling with Central Counties should have had all their flight details.

Central Counties Regional Summer Youth Rally 7th – 9th May 2010

Nottingham DA has declined to run the rally on behalf of Central Counties Region due to prior commitments.

I propose Central Counties Region run the meet on behalf of Nottingham DA. We have a venue Southam Rugby football club . Rally fee’s to be decided.

We will have the use of the clubhouse and kitchens and all fields.

North Warwickshire DA has offered to do Discos on the evenings of the rally.

44th National Youth Rally 2nd July to 4th July 2010.

Hosted by South Eastern Region

At Toad Hall River Farm,


East Sussex.

All relevant information has been sent to all Youth Leaders and where there is no Youth leader in place it has been sent to the Secretary’s as the youth contact.